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Saturday, August 07, 2010
follow me and everything is alright

heysheena on twitter

on tumblr

i signed up with tumblr so i can reblog (and i love it!).
i've had twitter for more than a year now. typing140 characters is easier than to write a whole blogpost.

still keeping this blog in case something interesting comes up and i want to blog about it =)

Posted at Saturday, August 07, 2010 by heysheena

Monday, July 12, 2010
dreamy idealist

i took another personality test.two years ago my result was analytical thinker but now it's different:

Dreamy Idealists are very cautious and therefore often appear shy and reserved to others. They share their rich emotional life and their passionate convictions with very few people. But one would be very much mistaken to judge them to be cool and reserved. They have a pronounced inner system of values and clear, honourable principles for which they are willing to sacrifice a great deal. Joan of Arc or Sir Galahad would have been good examples of this personality type. Dreamy Idealists are always at great pains to improve the world. They can be very considerate towards others and do a lot to support them and stand up for them. They are interested in their fellow beings, attentive and generous towards them. Once their enthusiasm for an issue or person is aroused, they can become tireless fighters.

For Dreamy Idealists, practical things are not really so important. They only busy themselves with mundane everyday demands when absolutely necessary. They tend to live according to the motto "the genius controls the chaos" - which is normally the case so that they often have a very successful academic career. They are less interested in details; they prefer to look at something as a whole. This means that they still have a good overview even when things start to become hectic. However, as a result, it can occasionally happen that Dreamy Idealists overlook something important. As they are very peace-loving, they tend not to openly show their dissatisfaction or annoyance but to bottle it up. Assertiveness is not one of their strong points; they hate conflicts and competition. Dreamy Idealists prefer to motivate others with their amicable and enthusiastic nature. Whoever has them as superior will never have to complain about not being given enough praise.

As a Dreamy Idealist you are one of the introverted personality types. Therefore you prefer a quiet work environment where you can intensively deal with your responsibilities and are not disturbed by too many people and repeated distractions. You need a lot of time to dwell on your thoughts, to put them into words, and let your ideas take shape.

You are grateful for a certain measure of order and structure because they secure the time to achieve this so you can deal with one task after the other and not have to juggle a number of responsibilities at once - you don't like that because it is important to you to deal with things thoroughly. Your capability to concentrate is unusually great and very often you become engrossed in something and forget everything around you - even to eat and drink.

Nevertheless, because you are very adaptable, congenial and interested in harmony and cooperation, you enjoy working together with others. A neighborhood that requires the ability to assert yourself and where direct confrontations are the order of the day is not your optimal environment. In order to permit you to fully develop your ability you need an environment that is as stress free as possible. If you can't get that you soon suffer, because you take critique and negative feedback very personally.

You enjoy the opportunity for exchanges with other people you value and whose capabilities you respect but in this case remember the motto: Better less than more; better a few "hand picked" colleagues who truly move on your wavelength. It is best when you share the same high ideals and important objectives and together can fight for the same good cause because then you are truly in your element. If that is not the case, you do better by largely working by yourself because you belong to the personality types who can do that very well and don't necessarily have to depend on others in order to come up with good results.

These special aptitudes predestine you for all working environments where the issue is conceptualizing, problem solving and developing new ideas. You are very creative and well able to go beyond the paradigm and choose original and unusual ways that no one before you even dreamt about. Even in complex situations, and facing difficult tasks, you confidently keep track because you are good at intuitively understanding the entire picture and extrapolating improved opportunities and development potential. Your sense for detail and the practical is less developed which occasionally leads to somehow chaotic operating methods and pretty lax contact with what you see as "bean counting."

As at work, Dreamy Idealists are helpful and loyal friends and partners, persons of integrity. Obligations are absolutely sacred to them. The feelings of others are important to them and they love making other people happy. They are satisfied with just a small circle of friends; their need for social contact is not very marked as they also need a lot of time to themselves. Superfluous small talk is not their thing. If one wishes to be friends with them or have a relationship with them, one would have to share their world of thought and be willing to participate in profound discussions. If you manage that you will be rewarded with an exceptionally intensive, rich partnership. Due to their high demands on themselves and others, this personality type tends however to sometimes overload the relationship with romantic and idealistic ideas to such an extent that the partner feels overtaxed or inferior. Dreamy Idealists do not fall in love head over heels but when they do fall in love they want this to be a great, eternal love.

Fantasies, dreams, and ideals, play an important role in your life. In your heart, you carry visions of a better world where the wolf plays with the lamb, and the creeks carry milk and honey. Naturally, this also applies to the subject of love. You are absolutely convinced that your perfect other half with whom you can merge into the perfect oneness, exists somewhere in this world. You are obviously aware that this extraordinary gift won't just land in your lap, but you are willing to wait for a long time and sacrifice a lot, if necessary, to reach this vital goal. "Per aspera ad astra," or "Through the night to the light," is your motto.

As all Idealists, you tend to raise your chosen partner up on a sky-high pedestal - especially at the beginning of a relationship. Essentially, you have excellent insight into human nature but when you are in love, you obviously throw all of that out the window. That can be the only explanation why you aren't able to see even the smallest blemish on this person. "Idealizing" does not even begin to describe this process, ÔŅĹidolizing" is probably closer to the truth. All the way up there on that pedestal, your partner is probably already getting dizzy and asking him/herself what he/she has done to deserve this unconditional adoration in the first place. But then, who would not like to see him-/herself mirrored as the perfect person in the eyes of a loving other?

On the other hand, it is a real challenge to meet your ideal of love and romance in everyday life. Sooner or later, you are going to be disappointed to find out that you haven't gotten a hold of an angel nor a superman, but just a normal person with all the inherent strengths and weaknesses. Now the question is, can you love your partner as he/she is and not as you would like for him/her to be?

Adjectives which describe your type: introverted, theoretical, emotional, spontaneous, idealistic, dreamy, effusive, pleasant, reserved, friendly, passionate, loyal, perfectionist, helpful, creative, composed, curious, obstinate, with integrity, willing to make sacrifices, romantic, cautious, shy, peace-loving, vulnerable, sensitive, communicative, imaginative

Posted at Monday, July 12, 2010 by heysheena


wheew! 1 year and 3 months since my last blog!

so what's happening?

i ran the milo marathon! it has always been my dream to join the milo marathon. and finally after 23 years i had the guts to do it. i ran 5k. my time was one hour. doesn't matter though because i was able to finish the race - the most important thing!

i have been working for 2 years now as a nurse. (imagine that!)

i'm turning 24 in a few days. a year older, and wiser?!

there was an eclipse early morning. and i forgot all about it because i was engrossed with the world cup. i'm not a fan but hey, viva espana!

just like my last post, i had a haircut. didn't have it rebonded though. just cut it short. bleh.cause it's not looking good.

sidenote: funny cause in my last post, i said "new hair, new blog". fastforward to now, i have a new hair and i'm itching to blog.. =)

i'm excited for friday! will be going to bora! haha =)

who watches flash forward? it's a smart smart show. i hate that it got cancelled!

oh and thank you for "term paper" for commenting on my last post. i didn't think anybody read this. thank you so much =)

Posted at Monday, July 12, 2010 by heysheena

Sunday, April 26, 2009
here i go again

wow, i haven't blogged for a long time  - will start blogging again, i think. hope somebody cares enough to read my stuff. a shout out to my cloe friends!woo hoo! 0_0

what's happening?

> my 15 year old brother is playing taylor swift's love story on his ipod. i swear he has played that for 1000x already! enough!

>ow, anoop got cut in AI. he really has a nice voice kaya sayang. but someone has to go so... anyway, im still happy cause kris allen is still in. hurray for him!

> just wanna be with you is playing on the pod. highschool musical ost always puts me in a good mood :)

> i have to go to work tomorrow, and im a least bit excited to go. sobrang tinatamad ako.

> i won something. can't spill the details yet till its finalized. i hope things work out for the best though

> was watching mtv kanina. an eheads tribute was on. gosh, i remember watching the final set last march - the best concert ever! i have to get my hands on a dvd copy! i want to relive it! shout out to mtv! release a copy, now na! =)

> i chopped my hair 2 weeks ago and i had it rebonded yesterday, so it's really a new look for me. hair's still a little limp, so i'll just post pictures when it gets volume. and im thinking of getting a haircut again so i'll post my new hair together with the new layout for this blog. new hair new blog. hehehe

Posted at Sunday, April 26, 2009 by heysheena

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
a trip to the dentist

dropped by the dentist to get my braces adjusted.unfortunately she had one of my molars pulled out. and she pulled out a healthy tooth.  i'm a little pissed and i really hope she knows what she's doing. ayokong maging bungi ah.

site's bleeding.and i'm literally drinking my blood. it tastes salty,got to have my sodium checked. i feel like i'm one of the cullens. yeesh.

Posted at Wednesday, August 13, 2008 by heysheena

Monday, August 04, 2008
so sue me!

i'm a self-confessed spoiler fanatic! i always want to be the first to know. so what if it's only a spolier. ok lang yun. thanks to wiki, i know na breaking dawn's plot without even having to read the book. though i'm still gonna read the book. ofcourse, i need to read the dialogues. hehe!

Posted at Monday, August 04, 2008 by heysheena

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

22 years old!wow! i survived! and life's ok right now. there's still some missing pieces pero i'm kinda satisfied with what i have right now. i cant remember the last time i felt so so lonely. of course there were down times pero it's nothing compared to those times during my teenage years - waah. teenage years. im not a teen anymore. nasa -ty na ako. gosh.

anyway i like to thank my friends who came last sunday. i know it was super short notice.kaya im so touched that you all came.thank you so much!

thank you to mercy!- my host for the evening. im not good at coordinating and hosting events like this ( as i have discovered last sunday) pero merks was a natural. she was so good at it. thank you talaga! =)

"The rest of your life is a long time and whether you know it or not it's being shaped right now. You can choose to blame your circumstances on fate or bad luck or bad choices or you can fight back. Things aren't always going to be fair in the real world, that's just the way it is but for the most part you get what you give. Let me ask you all a question. What's worse: not getting everything you wished for or getting it but finding out it's not enough? The rest of your life is being shaped right now with the dreams you chase, the choices you make and the person you decide to be. The rest of your life is a long time and the rest of your life starts right now" - haley james scott (one tree hill)

peace! =)


Posted at Wednesday, July 23, 2008 by heysheena

Saturday, July 19, 2008
happy birthday!

 My phoneís clock says 23:55. but the tv clocks says 23:43. since the tv clockís more accurate that means I have exactly 17 minutes to enjoy my youth-my being 21. in a few minutes, I will be 22.  pass the debut age even for guys. I try to think of what I have become in the 21 years of my existence. I was hoping my life would flash itself before me, not that Iím in a dying state or anything. I just wanted to know who, what have I turned into.  But mindís just blank. I wish this was just writerís block Ė a pathetic excuse, but how can you have writerís block when youíre not even trying to type but instead were thinking of your life? Sure I have accomplished things that made my parents proud of me.  Iím a college grad, I have a stable job, but have I done anything? Anything worthy? I try to justify my existence as I try to remember the times I go buy food to give to the homeless, or the times I become a good daughter and help my family pay our dues. But then I think of all the money I spent on clothes and coffee. I wish I could take a full 360 degrees and help do something creditable, something like what morrie was talking about in his Tuesdays lectures.  But I have nothing. actually thereís a lot going though my mind but I know itís not easy-doing those things. Maybe I should plant a tree first to get started? Or write a book? I havenít written a book, but Iíve blogged for a couple of years, inconsistently though, but does that count? I've always wanted to be a good daughter,a good friend, a good sister, a good Christian, but itís so hard!


Phone clock says 0:18. tv clock says its 0:07. gosh, I missed the minutes. Because I was sulking here. I should enjoy this day right? I should just think of happy thoughts. And tomorrow, Iíll be the mature one. today, Iíll be the kid. The kid who wants to blow the candles and be the first one to get the flower icing from the rectangular cake.


And with that, I greet myself a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Posted at Saturday, July 19, 2008 by heysheena


i'm very sleepy right now, but i don't want to sleep.


i woke up very early today. 6:40 am to be exact. considering i slept late last night, past 1am i think. i was reading new moon (2nd installment of the twilight series) when I got really sleepy at page 123 thus i dozed off. the minute i woke up, I got the book and started reading page 124, I didnít put it down until i finished to the end. And it was quarter to 2 already. quite a feat actually because the book- was so dragging. angel kulot was right, it's not really that good book, although it posed some questions and theories that were very intriguing, it did not compare to twilight. There was no adrenaline rush nor excitement (well except for that one part where bella comes home and expects Victoria to be there, - I felt really scared, though I almost drop from my seat when I found out that it was alice) though I also did feel something in the pit of my stomach when the tourists where entering the chamber, eerie I must say.  But, looking at it as a whole, the book was all about Jacob and bella. And except for lupin, I never liked werewolves. So I guess you could feel my outmost dislike to this book. I cant wait to read eclipse now. New moon spoiled everything for me, kelangan bumawi ang eclipse.


anyway, on other news, thereís this idea that has been floating in my mind for weeks now. i havenít started putting it to writing though. I keep getting writerís bloc every time I start to type. I wish I have a voice recorder ala felicity so I could just record my thoughts and put it into writing later. My cellphone  doesnít have a voice recording feature- I know, it sucks. Yeah but what can I do. Iím broke, so hopefully the idea stays on my mind until I get the motivation to write.


In the meantime, Iíll just surf the net. It sucks that my birthday is tomorrow and I donít have any plans for today or tomorrow. I feel like I lead a sad sad life. Iíll think of something later siguro. Hopefully.

Posted at Saturday, July 19, 2008 by heysheena

Friday, July 18, 2008
analytical thinker -definitely me!

Analytical Thinker (AT)
what's your personality type?

Analytical Thinkers are reserved, quiet persons. They like to get to the bottom of things - curiosity is one of their strongest motives. They want to know what holds the world together deep down inside. They do not really need much more to be happy because they are modest persons. Many mathematicians, philosophers and scientists belong to this type. Analytical Thinkers loathe contradictions and illogicalness; with their sharp intellect, they quickly and comprehensively grasp patterns, principles and structures. They are particularly interested in the fundamental nature of things and theoretical findings; for them, it is not necessarily a question of translating these into practical acts or in sharing their considerations with others. Analytical Thinkers like to work alone; their ability to concentrate is more marked than that of all other personality types. They are open for and interested in new information.

Analytical Thinkers have little interest in everyday concerns - they are always a little like an ďabsent-minded professorĒ whose home and workplace are chaotic and who only concerns himself with banalities such as bodily needs when it becomes absolutely unavoidable. The acknowledgement of their work by others does not play a great role for them; in general,they are quite independent of social relationships and very self-reliant. Analytical Thinkers therefore often give others the impression that they are arrogant or snobby - especially because they do not hesitate to speak their mind with their often harsh (even if justified) criticism and their imperturbable self-confidence. Incompetent contemporaries do not have it easy with them. But whoever succeeds in winning their respect and interest has a witty and very intelligent person to talk to. A partner who amazes one with his excellent powers of observation and his very dry humour.

It takes some time before Analytical Thinkers make friends, but then they are mostly friends for life. They only need very few people around them. Their most important ability is to be a match for them and thus give them inspiration. Constant social obligations quickly get on their nerves; they need a lot of time alone and often withdraw from others. Their partner must respect this and understand that this is not due to the lack of affection. Once they have decided in favour of a person, Analytical Thinkers are loyal and reliable partners. However, one cannot expect romance and effusive expressions of feelings from them and they will definitely forget their wedding anniversary. But they are always up to a night spent with stimulating discussions and a good glass of wine!

Adjectives which describe your type
introverted, theoretical, logical, spontaneous, rational, analytical, intellectual, sceptical, pensive, critical, quiet, precise, independent, creative, inventive, abstract, eccentric, curious, reserved, self-involved, imaginative, unsociable, determined, modest, careful, incommunicative, witty

These subjects could interest you
literature, science fiction, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, Internet, drawing/painting, astrology, spiritual things, meditation, music, writing, strategy games, politics

Posted at Friday, July 18, 2008 by heysheena

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